3-D Laser welding
Laser welding is a fast and precise technique with many advantages comparing to TIG/MIG. Low heat distortion minimizes deformation and provides high dimensional accuracy. Little or no post processing is required. The technology is very suitable to automate, the potential is large.
The welding technology is economically a good solution overall, which often gives you better a quality to the same or lower cost.

3-D Laser cutting 
CO2 and fiber laser in 3-D laser is an effective way to cut a hole or a contour of shaped parts. Very well suited if you have requirements of narrow tolerances, working with difficult materials, having low volumes and with high risk for change. We produce manually and automatically where the laser is integrated with the hydraulic press.

2-D Laser cutting
Cutting with a performance up to 6KW and a working area of 6000×2000. The machines have a manual and automatic setup, the automatic is connected to a compact store with automatic setup of plates, cutting tables, machine settings, programs, and separation.